Monday, November 11, 2013

Why Buy Honda Saddlebags?

Honda saddlebags are available in a wide variety suiting to the different motorcycle models of the company. These bags come in two broad types - the hard saddlebags and the leather saddlebags. But, why buy premium priced Honda Saddlebags when the cheaper alternatives are available? Here are 10 compelling reasons:

1.      Luggage Security: Honda saddlebags offer total security to your luggage, even the delicate items, irrespective of the climate or the terrain of your travel. Once mounted on the bike, they will rarely come off easily. 
2.      Easily Installable: You can easily install them with the help of brackets. While hard saddlebags are permanently mounted on the motorcycle, leather saddlebags have the option of fixed mounting or throw over use.
3.      Style: Honda saddlebags come in varied designs and style. They have a polished exterior and a neat finish, which imparts them a classy look. You can even find some metal accessorizing on the outer surface of the bags for a jazzy look.
4.      Spacious: Hard saddlebags though compact in looks, offer enough space to carry many of your belongings.
5.      High Quality: Coming from a branded manufacturer like Honda, these bags offer value for money in terms of space, stylish, finish, and durability. The company has a proper quality check system in place to ensure product perfection.  
6.      Water Proof: Honda bags are waterproof and they can safely carry your luggage even in the rainy season or in any water prone zones.  
7.      Smart Organization: Honda saddlebags come in logically organized storage space in the form of partitions, pockets, or compartments. This helps you segregate and pack your luggage in an orderly fashion. Due to this logical arrangement of your stuff, you can find them easily. You can also take out or put back a thing without disturbing the other stuff much. 
8.      Custom Models: Because of immense variety available for each motorbike model, Honda bags fit optimally to the requirement of the riders. For example, Softail bags are designed for Honda Softail models like the CTX, CB, CBR, and Gold Wing.
9.      Design Compatibility: Honda motorcycle bags are designed as per its different bike models. They fit on a bike's body like an integrated unit of it. This is especially true in the case of hard saddlebags.

10.  Sturdiness: Honda saddlebags have an internal metal framework. This offers shock protection and maintains the shape of the Honda saddlebags.  

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