Monday, November 11, 2013


Gone are the days when owning a house was a given fact. In those days, living on rent was unheard of. Times have changed however and these days more and more people are buying property purely for the purpose of investment rather than for occupation. The outlook towards purchasing property has changed considerably.

Until recently Gurgaon was considered the best location for property investment in and around Delhi NCR area. However Bhiwadi, a town which lies close to Delhi, is fast coming up as an industrial and commercial hub. If you are looking for property in and around Delhi NCR area, Bhiwadi is a great option.

Location is still a prime consideration while purchasing property. Bhiwadi lies to the east of Rajasthan, on the Rajasthan Haryana border. It is at a distance of about 55 kms from the Delhi airport and 5kms from the national highway. Already more than 3000 acres in area, another 3000 acres have been proposed for the area.

Commercial Development

Media reports state that the town of Bhiwadi is the third largest industrial area in the Indian subcontinent. Many companies like Honda, Jaguar, Pepsi, Bausch and Lomb, and others have established operations in Bhiwadi while more have plans in the offing. In fact the Bhiwadi-Chopanki-Kushkhera hub extends over an area of 5300 acres and services 2500 industries. There are many up coming and proposed residential projects in Bhiwadi as well as a proposal for an elders housing society named “Utsav Care Homes.” Due to such developments, entrepreneurs now prefer Bhiwadi to other regions in the area.

One of the main factors which home owners look for is the infrastructure in the area where they are considering property purchase. The town of Bhiwadi is close to the airport as well as the National Highway. There is a proposal for a four lane highway which will connect it directly to NH-8. The upcoming DMC (Delhi Mumbai Corridor) will connect pass by Bhiwadi before connecting to Gurgaon. In addition to this a rail transit system is also proposed. All this connectivity will soon make Bhiwadi a central hub of activity.


Since Bhiwadi is still in the developmental stage, property prices are relatively low as compared to Gurgaon and other neighbouring areas. However these are likely to rise as the area develops both infrastructurally and economically. Housing loans for purchase of property in Bhiwadi are easily available. The prices are suited to new families where both the husband and wife are at the threshold of their career and cannot afford a home in Delhi or Gurgaon.

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