Monday, November 11, 2013


Whether it is Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru or for that matter Kolkatta, two days are enough to escape to retreats in these cities that you never knew about. It could be a secret hamlet of the main route, a yoga retreat your friends have been raving about or a surfing haven you never knew existed! Weekend breaks are not just about dashing to the nearest getaway earmarked in a guide book, but it is a time for the Indian traveler to discover and soak in the new sights. Each day spent away from home, the Indian traveler wants a new and out of the world experience. Here, we zero in on some offbeat weekend destinations around the country.
Surf’s Up: This one’s for the more adventurous kind and those loving water sports. One can try out all kinds of water sports like surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, stand-up paddle and wakeboarding, all for very economical rates. One can also enjoy wholesome vegetarian meals at Mulki in Mangalore. For the easy-going, there are yoga lessons and the environmental documentary presentations. One can also just kick back, detex, unwind, read a book or enjoy the sea breeze. Another sanctuary for surfers in Bengaluru is Pondicherry. Located in a small fisher village called Tandryankupam, the surf school here proves to be ideal due to the two rock peers built as protection after the tsunami. The peers help the waves break, making it suitable for both beginners, as well as for professional surfers.
Bengaluru to Mulki is around 370km, 6 hours by road. Bengaluru to Pondicherry is 306km, 5 hours and 40 minutes by road.
Take a Hike: Go map the height of Kudremukh, one of the most prominent peaks in Karnataka standing at 1,896 meters above sea level. The whole scenery of grassland interspersed with narrow strips of the magical shoal forests provides a fantastic vista for a trekker. It is known for its bio-diversity and is one of the 34 hot spots picked by UNESCO for ecological conservation. This is a day’s hike. Hikers can stay the night in Kalasa, the nearest town.
Bengaluru to Kuremukh is 331kms, 6 hours by road

Ready for a Trek: Located around 463kms from Bengaluru, this hill station takes 7 hours to reach by road. Christened as a trekking hill station, this destination has all the makings of becoming the trekking headquarters of Bengaluru. Kodaikanal, is a location that has a lot of places worth visiting like the Kodaikanal Lake, Berijam Lake, Dolphin’s Nose, Pillar Rocks, Guna Caves which is also called Devil’s Kitchen, etc. Clasped in the bosom of the Parappar and Gundar valleys in the southern ridge of the upper Palani Hills, this place is the most glistening gemstone studded in the dazzling tiara of the Western Ghats. Commonly referred to as ‘Kodai’, this place is nestled at an altitude of 2133 meters above sea level and it has the distinction of being one of the most honored as the most treasured and most singled out hill resorts of Southern India. 

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