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Keywords: Motorcycle Saddlebags
While riding a motorcycle provided with a motorcycle saddlebag, your primary concerns would be safety from the weather and preventing bodily harm. You would also require protecting your elbows and spine during an accident. Motorcycle vests would cater to all these needs and more.  These are available in many distinct types namely the leather jackets, textile jackets, denim jackets, Kevlar jackets, corduroy jackets, nylon jackets. But the ideal jacket would be the one with a 500 denier outer shell provided with some extra corduroy or Kevlar in their joints.
Leather Motorcycle Vests
This is the most useful motorcycle vest, which not only provides all round protection, but also protects from minor abrasions and injuries during an accident. These are also available with built in or removable armor. An unlined motorcycle vest keeps you cool when driving in hot temperatures whereas a lined vest will keep you warm when the weather around is cool. Although, leather vests prevent us from getting wet during the rainy season, prolonged exposure to water will make them stiff and smelly. Wearing leather vests under direct sunlight for long periods may lead to its sticking to our skin.
Textile Motorcycle Vests
These vests are more preferred by people who drive in warm weather. They are made out of synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester, which make it light-weight and cooler compared to other types of motorcycle vests. Although, these motorcycle vests provide less protection during accidents, their armored variety can provide extra protection in the elbows and back. Textile Motorcycle vests with a reflective material make you more visible on the road. Caring for these is relatively easy, with the availability of washing machines in today’s times.
Denim Motorcycle Vests
They behave just like leather jackets and provide the same benefits that are obtained from leather motorcycle vests. Denim being a durable fabric, it provides better protection during an accident as compared to the textile variety. Being a breathable fabric, it helps keep our body cool. All round air circulation is allowed by their zippered version. When driving in cooler climes, a denim jacket with a fleece lining is preferred. Denim jackets are not waterproof so they will not protect you from the rains. But these jackets are eminently washable.
Thus we can conclude that the motorcycle vests are a very useful riding accessory.

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