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  1. Romantic Rajasthan
India has a number of places, where a newly wedded couple could go for their honeymoon. Typically, any location where a woman would go for a honeymoon with her husband would depend upon a number of factors like the culture of the place, the type of people inhabiting the region, the safety of the region in terms of war like situations, availability of plenty of shopping options, etc.  A woman looks for different things from a honeymoon than does a man. But still since they have to travel together, they also need to find some items of common interest.
Not many places in the world can compare with Romantic Rajasthan, when we talk about a destination for a honeymoon. It has the potential to satisfy both the sexes. As for women, it has scenic locales, architecturally designed monuments, temples, beaches, forts, good habitable and safe hotels, etc. The speciality of the place is exhibited by its varied landscapes, royal past, colourful people and vibrant culture, and some spectacular forts and palaces.  Romantic Rajasthan is a home to a variety of famous sites and attractive architecturally designed monuments, which compels tourists from all over the world to visit it every year.
Romantic Rajasthan, considered the largest state of India, is considered to be a honeymooner’s paradise. It has places like Jaipur-also called as the Pink City,  Udaipur-known as the Venice of India, Jodhpur-a fortress city, Bikaner-the great city, Jaisalmer-the great city, Pushkar-home to one of the most famous Brahma temples of the world, Mount Abu-the highest peak in the Aravali range of Rajasthan.  All these places of tourist interest make Romantic Rajasthan what it is today.  Most importantly it is a veritable treat for the women folk with its culturally interesting and diverse locations and its equally diverse and spicy cuisines. 
The largest state in India, Romantic Rajasthan is also blessed with a number of historically significant structures. There are many grand forts, palaces, dense plants, parks, sanctuaries, etc. Some of these are the Hawa Mahal, Jahangir Fort, Amber Fort, Albert Hall Museum, Jantar Mantar, and many more. All these monuments are the highlight of Jaipur, which is known as the Pink City, world over. This region is endowed with a number of locations which offer options for a rich experience of site-seeing for its tourists. One can safely say that Jaipur is the richest city in Romantic Rajasthan in terms of availability of places for tourist interest.
This popularity of Romantic Rajasthan as a tourist destination both for honeymooners and vacationers has prompted the government to bring out the Rajasthan on Wheels. This is an initiative by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation and was started after the stupendous success of Palace on Wheels. With a capacity to seat 88 passengers, this Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, covers some of the most royal destinations in the state, with halts at Khajuraho, Agra and Varanasi to exhibit the best places worthy of royal heritage and spirituality in India. This week long journey has visits to places of palaces, forts, spirituality, romance, deserts, sand dunes, etc.
  1. Spa & Yoga Getaways
With the proliferation of Indian women in the workforce, people in the vacation industry awoke to the needs of women. They sensed the need for the typical Indian woman to let her hair down for at least a week or two during the hectic year. With increasing disposable incomes, women also began answering queries from the travelogues who marketed their lifestyle vacations. There are many places which offer alternatives for a lifestyle vacation. Spa and Yoga Getaways are nothing but a type of lifestyle getaway.  They do everything to help detoxify the body and the brain from all the excess baggage that is accumulated in the course of working year.
A Spa and Yoga Getaway can be anything from a week long vacation to any of the places offering treatments in spa and yoga or it can also be a weekend trip to any nearby location. With an increasing stress on healthy living and leisure, lifestyle vacations are gaining popularity. There are many places that offer Spa and Yoga Getaways world wide. Yoga and meditation retreats are located all over the world, right from bare bones cabins to plush ocean view suites. Many Spa and Yoga Getaways are great because they offer a la carte services, ranging from group classes to private meditation sessions.
There are many options available world wide for such Spa and Yoga Getaways. There is the Return of the Goddess Retreat in Umbria, Italy, which is a women’s only retreat and is held in May. The dates are from 14th to the 21st of the month. This retreat is located in the heart of Italy, offers superior experience with the private castle and rolling hills which work with their invitation to embody the goddess within through the three activities: dance, yoga and meditation. These practices will weave an offering that grounds and centres a woman feminine.
Another tour which enjoys equal popularity is the Enchanting India Yoga Tour. This is a trip to South India during February 14th to 26th, and it offers an economical option for a typical Spa and Yoga Getaway. This is run by a married couple Corrine and Satya, who give guest tours around their beloved home that is ripe with intense colours sites and sounds of the beautiful and ancient way of life around them. This Spa and Yoga Getaway offers ayurvedic massages, delicious Indian cuisine, Indian art, philosophy and music. Also on offer is the opportunity to meditate in caves on the holy mountain of Arunachala.
Like the above two getaways, there are many other alternatives on offer. These retreats offer warm getaways with scintillating and exotic programmes to breathtaking, pure and frosty views that provide a sense of clarity and immersion. Such Spa and Yoga Getaways offer one an opportunity to liven up the senses and detoxify the body to provide it with a new sense of well-being. There are a variety of online distribution channels that are offering such getaways which are either tie-up with hotel chains or with transport operators.
  1. Kodaikanal
Lifestyle vacation options abound today in the market. With the increasing interest in lifestyle vacations, many places offering such vacations have come into the limelight. Lifestyle vacations can range from Spa and Yoga Getaways to Honeymoon Getaways to Excursions to Hiking Tours. India, being a land which is full of places of tourist importance, it is now also being considered a hub for such lifestyle tours. For example, Rajasthan offer an option for a Historical Tour covering the historical monuments in the region; Kodaikanal offers the option for a Hiking tour through its long winded mountain trails.
Apart from lifestyle tours, Kodaikanal offers other activities too.  Founded in the year 1845, by American missionaries, this beautiful town has an interesting history which covers Paliyan rulers, relics and artefacts created during the reign of the Paliyans, contents of the Shenbagnur museum of the town, etc. Kodaikanal, nestled in the Palani Hills, is a prized jewel of Tamil Nadu also called as “gift of dark forest” on account of its numerous dark forests which abound in the region. It is one of the quaint and unspoilt hill stations of the state of Tamil Nadu and is blessed with a salubrious climate, intoxicating air, and breathtaking sceneries.
Kodaikanal is located at a height of 2133m from MSL. The nearest airport, Madurai is just 120km from the place. It abounds in tourist spots like the Kodai Club, Kodai Lake, Lutheran Church, Bryant’s Park, Coaker’s Walk, etc. There are a number of excursion options available like Dolphin’s Nose, Perumal Peak, Berijam Lake, Kukal Cave, Pillar Rocks, Bear Shola Falls, Silver Cascade Falls, Flora and Fuana Museum, etc.  As for accommodation, there are a number of hotels like Hotel Mount View, Hotel Valley View, Hotel Grand Palace, Hotel Royal Cottage, Kodai Resort Hotel, Golden Park,
Among the previously mentioned tourist spots, the Kodai Club is one of the most popular places which is of architectural interest. The superior architecture of this club resembles other monuments created by the Britishers during their reign. There is the Kodai Lake which is an alluring spot located in the heart of Kodaikanal and was formed by damming the valley where three streams flowed. This lake covers an area of 60 acres, and is circled by a 3-miled tarred road. Also present here is a Boat club and public ferries. The Lutherans Church is a beautiful Gothic stone building having stained glass windows.
Other place of tourist interest, in Kodaikanal, like the Bryant Park, is located on the east side of the lake, and is named after a forest officer who has designed its layout. This place is known for its collection of pine trees and eucalyptus trees. Then there is the Coaker Walk, named after St. Coaker of Royal Engineers which is just a kilometre from the lake. This place provides a breathtaking view of the plains and the distant hills. Other significant places like Perumal Peak, Dolphin’s Nose, Berijam Lake, etc offer similar views of the whole place and add to its scenic beauty.
  1. How Can a Woman Become a Corporate Trainer
Corporate training as a profession has gained a lot of importance in today’s world, more so, with an increasingly diverse workplace, in terms of cultures and traditions. As the world is getting smaller, the need for corporate trainers who are also called as grooming consultants or finishing consultants is being felt. Both men and women can embrace this profession of corporate training and they are doing so with almost equal amounts of success. However, the moot question is whether men and women are equally successful as corporate trainers. The answer to this question is a big no, due to their marked behavioural differences.
The behavioural difference between men and women exist along a continuum-both are different, but research suggests that there are certain behaviours that are more pronounced in men and some others that are more prevalent in women. One primary difference that sets apart both men and women is their positioning of themselves in the society. Social conditions determine this positioning. This behaviour is exhibited by both the sexes right from their respective childhoods. A corporate trainer is generally a tutor or a coach, who needs to find and understand the weaknesses in his/her ward and then find a solution for it.  A person who is very egoistic cannot become a good corporate trainer.
Men exhibiting masculine behaviour constantly tend to position themselves one up on another person. Among other men this behaviour may be considered as gamesmanship, but when they do this with women who may be their colleagues or their girlfriends, things are totally different. This trait of social positioning among men can be either through physical dominance, sometimes through wealth and power, buying a bigger house or car or new toy, etc. Men do this as they have their male egos to satiate.  In order to fan their large egos men tend to boast about their achievements and strengths vis-à-vis their colleagues or counterparts.  Thus they exhibit their egoistic side.
Women on the other hand are submissive in nature. The primary strategy in feminine social behaviour is to try to equalize things all the time. Women more often than not try to bring everyone on the same plain. Women tend to put themselves down in front of others and allow others to bring them back up. They display empathy and prefer not to promote themselves and boast about their achievements to avoid being positioned above people,  as this makes them uncomfortable. Women with their superior collaborating and listening skills try to bond with other people and create a place for themselves in other people’s hearts.
This marked behavioural difference among men and women, decides whether they will be successful as corporate trainers or not.  This disparate behaviour displayed by the two sexes, renders them inefficient or adept respectively at corporate training. As is elaborated above, a corporate trainer has to have a submissive personality who does not compete with his/her protégé, but guides him/her through the right path. But, men with their preponderance on masculine social behaviour are not cut out to do such jobs.
  1. Fashion Photography For Women
Fashion Photography as a profession evolved in Virginia Oldoini in the year 1856, in the portfolio of Countess de Castiglione. The world’s first fashion photographer was Adolph Braun, who is credited with shooting the first fashion model. From that time to today, when magazines such as Allure, Vogue, Vanity Fair, etc carry some of the best fashion photography that is a feast for the naked eyes, fashion photography has been through many trends.  Traditionally, photography is the art of showcasing models wearing the trends in clothes, jewellery, sunglasses, hairstyles, necklaces, shoes and other items, unlike in ancient times when fashion photography involved staging of the shoots in natural environments using natural poses.
Baron Adolf de Meyer was the first photographer to adopt this practice. But with the changing times, a majority of models took to fashion photography. 1936 was the year when models were first photographed at the beach in different poses. This was done by Martin Munkacsi. It was only after World War II that fashion photography gained in popularity among the common people. Today, things have changed drastically. Fashion photography is seen as a profession in itself with models and photographers enjoying celebrity status. But, this is not an easy art to follow and it requires a fair bit of dedication and perseverance in order to succeed in it.
There were many women who took up fashion photography as a profession. Sheena Sippy is one of them. Nan Goldin and Diana Arbus are two more women who have embraced this profession wholeheartedly. Sheena Sippy specializes in film and food photography and her work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Time, Cosmopolitan and Verve, among other leading magazines.  Sheena Sippy is also the author of the book on Bollywood called “Lights, Camera, Masala, and The Insider’s Bollywood” , which is an insider’s look at the glitz, grit, and grandeur of Bollywood, the world’s largest film industry.  
Nan Goldin, is another famous fashion photographer, well known for her slide show, “The Ballad of Sexual Dependency” which has over seven hundred colour slides set to music and represents the symbolisation of intimacy.  She used her camera and endeavoured to find out the goings on between couples under the surface, when no one else is looking. Using her photographic skills to her advantage in this pursuit, she photographed their relationships and most intimate moments and vulnerabilities. Her photographs displayed human relations in all their hues including sexual, both homogeneous and heterogeneous.  Her camera took her everywhere from clubs, lounges, baths and bedrooms to dark pubs, etc.  
The other protagonist in the milieu, Diane Arbus, is an American photographer who had immortalised the formal black and white photos of marginalised and ordinary people who were made to seem otherworldly in her images. Although criticized for the lack of beauty in photographs, her frank photos allowed the viewer entry into real worlds which were seldom visited by people like us. Her photos spanned nudist camps, colonies of transvestites, ordinary people walking on the streets, to freaks at the circus. All the above women have created such a niche in fashion photography that they have forged a path for other women to follow.

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