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The Samsung Galaxy Y is a powerful Android Gingerbread OS based Smart phone which offers features which are close to the Micromax phone but for the dual SIM tag given to the latter. The Micromax phone is
Endowed with 1GHz processor as opposed to the 832 MHz processor provided in the Samsung phone. While Micromax Ninja phone is merely Java enabled, the Samsung phone has MIDP version 2.1 along with the Java features. While the Micromax phone has a browser which supports WAP features, the Samsung phone browser supports HTML features. Talking of extra features, the Samsung Galaxy Y has an accelerometer and a compass as two of its features which are not there in the Micromax phone. While the Micromax phone supports an ordinary GPS facility, the Samsung phone comes with A-GPS support. When talking about the keyboard of the individual phones, the Micromax Ninja is blessed with one touch navigation feature on its Touch screen QWERT keyboard with a white back light to illuminate the keypad in the darkness, while the Samsung phone is provided with a similar keyboard having one touch navigation using the Touch wiz 3.0 UI feature for easy navigation and a multi-touch input facility with touch sensitive controls.
Design, Build and Display
When we talk of design features, the Samsung Galaxy Y remains faithful to the Candybar form factor and allows the use of only one SIM through its handset. The Micromax Ninja 3.5 on the other hand allows the user to use two services simultaneously.  In terms of the OS the Micromax Ninja 3.5 is blessed with the Android OS of version 2.3.5, whereas the Samsung Galaxy has the OS Android version 2.3. The Micromax Ninja gives us a faster processor experience as it has a faster CPU as compared to the Samsung Galaxy Y. It has an OS that is 20% faster than the latter. Both the phones have a TFT colour screen with 256 colours with the Micromax phone having an ordinary capacitive touch screen compared to the Samsung’s capacitive multi-touch screen. Although the Samsung phone weights 97gms, it is lighter as compared to the Micromax dual SIM phone. While the Micromax phone is endowed with a 3.5 inches colour TFT screen with better screen resolution which enables it to show sharper and crisper screen images, the Samsung phone has a multi-touch screen of size 3 inches. Thus, we see that the former has a larger display screen size and therefore can be easily used to view videos, images, etc. A primary difference between the two phones is that the Samsung Galaxy Y is a Smart phone with all the features of a Smart phone while the Micromax Ninja 3.5 is a dual SIM phone.  
With an unlimited phonebook capacity, both the phones have an in-built memory and a RAM along with an external card slot. While Samsung phone has 180MB in-built memory with 290MB of RAM, the Micromax phone is blessed with only 130MB of in-built memory along with 256MB RAM and additionally has 512MB of ROM.
Both the phones do not have a front facing camera but do have a back camera. The Samsung phone has a 2MP back camera while the Micromax Ninja phone is blessed with a sturdy 3MP back camera with 50% better camera resolution. While both the phones have a video recording facility, the Samsung Galaxy Y phone has a camera which can record images of sizes 320 x 240 pixels @ 15 fps. Thus, the Micromax phone provides better picture quality as compared to the Samsung phone.  
In terms of connectivity, both the phones have GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an external USB port, with the Samsung phone having a microUSB slot of version 2.0 while it has a wifi hotspot along with its Wi-Fi facility which enables it to allow the use of the internet connection on the Wi-Fi enabled laptop. While the Bluetooth in the Micromax phone is of version 2.1, the Samsung phone has a Bluetooth version 3.0. Both the phones have multi-media MMS facility with the Samsung Galaxy Y having an additional voice recording feature, along with push mail, and a document reading facility. While the Samsung Smart phone does not have any social networking applications embedded in it, the Micromax phone has Face book, Twitter and YouTube facilities. Both the phones have FM radio feature.
Talking of battery for both the phones, the Samsung Galaxy Y possesses a 1200mAH, Li-ion battery which has 850 hours of standby time in ordinary circumstances and 540 hours on the 3G networks, it has 380 minutes of talk time both in the ordinary condition and on 3G networks. As opposed to that, the Micromax phone has 145 hours of stand by time with 270 minutes of talk time on its 1400mAH Li-ion battery.

All said and done, the Samsung phone has all the features that are present in any ordinary Smart phone including document editing, scheduler, calendar and the push mail features, while the Micromax phone would be more useful for social networking as it is Face book, You tube and Twitter enabled. But with its 20% faster CPU, the Micromax phone ensures a smoother experience when using the phone, and with its dual SIM tag, it allows the user use two services at the same time, the Smart phone tag given to the Samsung phone provides tough competition to the Micromax phone. With its 16% bigger screen size, the Micromax phone would allow the user to view images and videos better. The 3.5 mm headphone jack present in both the phones allows external headphones to be connected to them. Truly, it is difficult to choose a phone from among the two without knowing the objective of the buyer for owning a phone. A person who would want to do social networking would go for the Micromax Ninja phone while a person who wants to edit documents would opt for the Samsung phone. 

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