Monday, November 11, 2013

Seven Things That Need To Change In The Indian Educational System.

Today India ranks second in the world as far as education systems go. Many universities and colleges have been established by the state and central governments, trusts and private institutions. This is something every Indian can be proud of. However, the Indian education system too attracts some criticism from teachers, students, and parents. So can something be done about that?
1.      Rote Learning
Since the entire focus of the system is on the number of marks obtained and not on knowledge assimilated students try to cram as much as they can in as little time as possible with the attitude that if they get enough marks in this exam the road ahead will be easier. This last minute study stresses out the students and they feel overburdened.
2.      Focus on Marks Obtained
The whole education system is marks oriented. Get 90+ percentage in SSC and get admission in the Science stream. Get 95+ in HSC and get admission in the professional course of your choice. This intense focus on marks causes students to use any means to gain marks. It propagates cheating and corruption.
3.      Lack of Practical Training
Since there is so much focus on marks, no thought is given to the practical application of the lessons. Everyone is busy figuring out how to get the maximum marks. Parents want their children to score 99.99%. Students succumb to the pressure from the parents and begin cramming the lessons without much understanding. Teachers compete with one another to see who can teach in a way that garners their students the desired marks.
4.      Not Career Specific
Since there is very little time to do much else other than cram the lessons, no thought is given to the career the students want to take up. Doctors poke their noses into books, the internet and test reports to diagnose and treat their patients. Engineers carry manuals under their arms. This is true of almost all fields because there is no reading between the lines. Both teaching and learning is from books.
5.      Lack of Professional Respect
Our Indian society and culture are almost as much to blame for the situation today as the education system itself. We look upon doctors and engineers with respect while we ridicule other professions like fine arts and animation. The aptitude and liking of the child is not considered at all. This begins right from the primary education level when the parents tell their children to focus on science and mathematics more than other subjects.
Because of the intense focus on marks, students resort to tuitions and this has given birth to a whole new industry in the Indian Education System. Teachers specialize in teaching students a particular subject, offer guarantees for passing certain crucial examinations and rake in the fees.
6.      Special Needs
In this mad rush for marks and admissions, the students who are a bit slower than others or who have special problems like dyslexia or some handicap are left behind and succumb to peer pressure, social ridicule and bullying.

So we see that there are several things that we need to change in the Indian Education System. Bringing about this change is not merely the responsibility of the Education department in the government but the duty of each and every Indian.

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