Monday, November 11, 2013


Keywords:  Dubai free zone, free zone UAE
Many companies which express their desire to do business in Dubai have a number of options available to them. There are many pros to having an immediate presence in the country and administer functions like customer acquisition, trading and retention. Many of these advantages have resulted in companies with a worldwide reputation to conduct business in the UAE. Currency exchange, time zone management and no tax policies are some of them. Added recompense includes convenient travel, office rentals and good living conditions. The free zones facilitate easy and efficient business with Dubai and hopeful  MNC’s.
The Dubai Airport Freezone was established in 1996 as a strategy to foster the international presence of the UAE economy. It is home to many foreign investors and sectors like aviation, jewellery, travel, communication and food and beverage. International investors can enjoy dynamic growth through Dubai Airport Freezone’s excellent.  In 2010 it was ranked 1st in the Middle East by Financial Times.
Creativezone is a firm helps the company in establishing themselves in the UAE without many obstacles.  Services provided by them include fax services, telephone number provisions, registration, visa services, company stamps, business card designing, and account management. It is an efficient manner to start off business because they take a matter of fifty days in order to process the documents and grant the visa for legitimate business practices.

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