Monday, November 11, 2013

Packing Tips for a Motorcycle Journey

Before the concept of motorcycle saddle bags, packing for a long ride would get on the nerves of most bikers. In fact, the stress would badly dampen the excitement of a long, power packed journey. However, thanks to a broad spectrum of motorcycle saddle bags available today, catering to different packing requirements and different machines. In fact, the compelling organization makes packing engaging and interesting. Having said that, you cannot take everything with you. Prioritize your bare necessities. Here are some packing tips to make life on the road easy.
1.      Make your List: As soon as you decide to tour, start making a list of the things you think you will need to take with you. Don't worry about the initially long list. It can always be cut down, but nothing important should be missed. First aid kit, tools, repair boxes, etc. must be packed.
2.      Travel Light: You should always travel as light as possible, especially when travelling on your motorcycle. Depending upon the number of your travel days, you may want to throw in all your necessities in your motorcycle saddle bags. But, that often proves to be a blunder. The key is shortlisting. Pack only minimum things that you will essentially need for the journey. Drop everything else.
3.      Pack Sensibly: Logic and analytical reasoning are a biker's most powerful tools, even if it is about packing. For a better bike handling and balance, pack all the heavy things at the bottom. Cushion up the vulnerable items with bungee net or your towels, T-shirts, etc.
5.      Motorcycle Luggage: For a long journey, avoid a backpack to prevent the shoulder strain. Use motorcycle saddle bags. They hold things safely. Go for synthetic leather bags of a reputed brand. You can opt for detachable or hard mounting as per your requirement. The touring bikes like Honda Gold Wing come accessorized with extra storage space.
6.      Small Items: Things like mobile phone charger, cameras, camera batteries, first-aid kit, toiletries, etc are smallish enough to skip attention, but are quite important.
7.      Motorcycle Documents: Surely you are excited about your motorcycle journey, but just do not forget your motorbike documents and driving license by any chance.
8.      Don’t Forget: Unless and until you are going to a remote area, there will always be some scope to buy things along your way, in case you do forget some essentials. Looking for these miss outs in a new land is fun and an interesting adventure.

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