Monday, November 11, 2013


The Otter box defender series protective case for the iPad generation 2 and 3 is a blessing in disguise for this device. It is useful for those people who use their iPads on a daily basis and that too roughly. The iPad is a potent device which helps you stay organized, informed and provides ultimate portability to work with, including surfing the net, lounging with your favorite music video or music track.

The Otter box Defender Series for the iPad generation 2 and 3 is a mobile case that gives the basic features of a normal mobile case and also much more. Its robust silicone exterior is durable and therefore absorbs shocks during a fall, thus protecting the phone from scratches due to a fall. Its built in screen protector simplifies screen navigation as the screen does not get scratched and is also easy to clean in case it gets dirty.

The Otter box has a neatly engineered design that is inspired by the new iPad. It is ergonomically designed to accommodate natural use of the mobile. This case provides a secure and protective cover for all 2nd and 3rd generation iPhones which are expensive. Aesthetically, its textures and styling is exquisite with a classic combination of high quality materials that help create an attractive protective solution. It has much more design features than a normal case and therefore is aesthetically superior.

The Otter box defender series case provides the iPhone 3 layers of secure protection that combines port protection complete with access to all the common functions and ports without having to remove the case. It also blocks dust and debris from the ports which in turn lengthens the life of the iPhone. There is a clear protective membrane right on the touch screen which prevents any scratches and dust and debris from settling on the same.

Its superior silicone exterior surface installs easily over the polycarbonate interior and stays there in place such that the polycarbonate pieces lock together with its snap closing to provide a closely knit interior surface. Accessories are a dime a dozen for expensive phones like the iPad, but not many of them provide the features provided by the Otter box defender series for iPad generation 2 and 3.

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