Monday, November 11, 2013

Miniature Paintings The Most Exquisite Form Of Wall Art

Interior décor has always been a theme of great interest for all. From chandeliers to carpets, curtains to wall art different elements are strategically assembled to adorn the house. Amongst the various wall arts miniature paintings hold a distinct place. With their bright colors and quaint charm they can make even a dull wall eye catching. The miniature paintings are extremely influenced with the mural paintings. Though small in size these painting are striking with their delicate designs and exquisite brush work. The most distinct feature of these paintings is their colors. The pigments used in this painting form are essentially derived from vegetables, precious stones, minerals, conch shells, indigo, silver and gold.
These paintings are a reflection of Indian culture and tradition and are inspired from the Rajasthani and Moghul school of painting. The Rajasthani school is dominated with love, hunting and war scenes where as the Moghul school is inspired with the Moghul and Persian style focusing more on landscapes.
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