Monday, November 11, 2013


Modification of images taken for posterity is done using Photoshop software. Modern advancements in technology have brought out effects like the drop shadow, the curved drop shadow and the standing image drop shadow. A shadow can be formed by holding a piece of paper in various angles in the line of the light.
Images taken for posterity have become a common occurrence at various events in our lives. Whether it is a marriage, thread ceremony, birthday party, and celebration party for acquiring a new job, etc, clicking images for keeping them for future reference is now a common practice followed by all of us. Further on, you would like to add some effects to these images. Photoshop software does all this and more. With great advancements in technology, we now can do magic with our images or photographs. A photograph becomes more meaningful when we append graphics to it. For example, adding a shadow to an image gives it a totally different dimension.
Addition of a shadow not only makes it more interactive but also more pleasing to the naked eye. The Drop Shadow has become one of the most potent tools found in Photoshop software. This software has a default shadow setting that makes our images more alive and more interactive. This cutting edge tool is suitable for people who want to add minimal effects to their images. But for the more adventurous variety, we have the curved drop shadow, the center curved drop shadow and the standing image drop shadow. These effects tend to make the photograph more alive so much so that it looks like a live image of the object.
A curved drop shadow tends to give an illusion of space between the image and its background. Curved shadows are invariably applied to the bottom of the image. The main reason for doing this is to make the picture look more natural instead of applying shadows to the top of the image using Photoshop shadow, thus making the image look more weird and unnatural. The same effect is observed when we turn up the bottom corners of the image. The main reason for choosing a curved shadow is because it makes the image really crisp and gives it a more realistic look.
The center curved drop shadow is created in the center of the image with a curve. The Photoshop shadow is then formed later on the top and bottom center of the image, which gives the image a more realistic and surreal look and feel. In this instance, you will have to place the ellipse layer which is at the bottom, just above the image so that it pokes out of the top and bottom completing the effect. This effect can also be created using a real shadow. Taking a piece of square shaped paper, place it on the surface, on curving this upwards from the middle, you will get such a shadow.

For the effect of standing effect drop shadow, a cast shadow is used, which gives the effect of standing to the image. This activity is simple and it also does not require much time to perform. This kind of Photoshop shadow is positioned behind or in front of the picture on the bottom part. This can also be tried by holding a piece of paper upright and dropping a light on it from the front, creating in the process, a rectangular shadow on the back. We can also create a shadow in the front by holding the light behind the paper. 

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