Monday, November 11, 2013


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Thanks to Audience One, the premier marketing company that helps us generate leads and sales by utilizing new media marketing and advanced campaign analytics to measure the ROI on your marketing efforts, we are today looking at a completely different way of doing business.  With the changing business methods, also changing are the ways we market our products/services to the customer. A new term has been coined called cross media marketing that is the current buzzword in the business circles. Cross media marketing encompasses personalized social media marketing, personalized email marketing, personalized direct mail marketing, personalized mobile marketing and personalized video marketing, which is nothing but using multiple media channels for marketing our product or service.  –
Audience one provides us with various tools  in order to gauge whether our message is reaching our audience and in the measure that we intend it to be received by them. This is made possible by campaign analytics. Campaign analytics is a tool which helps us track whether our advertisements are fulfilling the purpose for which they have been designed.  These goals should be specific that one may wish to track when a particular visitor visits our website. Thus we can see that using Campaign Analytics, we can easily track the way the customer behaves when he is visiting our website.
The ubiquitous internet marketer has taken on the role of propagating our products and services to the target customer using sophisticated tools for marketing.  We have made the cross media marketing channels our partners  in our endeavor to promote our products and services by the use of contemporary tools of internet marketing.  Audience One provides the facilities to make use of sophisticated new media marketing methods for creating awareness about our products and services.  These new media marketing methods include the use of software for marketing our products and services.  This internet marketing software allows you to involve your customers with customized, relevant and timely communications with which to create an impact.
There is an effort by AudienceOne to cut through the heady maze of cross media marketing to assist us to take advantage of the changing business environment  so that it frees us from the trouble  of worrying about the marketing technology to be used to market our products and services and lets us concentrate on getting our message across to the audience.  Marketing automation tools  are extensively  used in this  and they are further  engaged to perform our repetitive tasks as they are specifically designed for the marketing departments in order to automate routine tasks.  It is the marketing automation tools provided by Audience one that are proving to be effective in creating an awareness in the minds of the customer about our products or services.
 Audience One has enabled the use of  marketing automation tools which in turn calls for superior know how which can be obtained from contemporaries and competitors.  Today, designing a marketing campaign is not difficult thanks to such marketing automation tools, thanks to Audience One.  We have come a long way from the olden times when marketing campaigns used to be designed for the newspapers. We are now in the age of cross media marketing and therefore the message to be delivered to the end customer has to be tailored to suit his palate.  Thus, it will have to be customized keeping in mind the new media marketing channel that is being used to convey the message and Audience one helps us do this and much more.

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