Monday, November 11, 2013


Keywords: Free zone visa, Free zone company
UAE free zones facilitate business dreams to turn into realities.  Services provided by such firms include visa and documentation, permission for visiting sites as approved by the clients as well as residential and business permit issue. Some free zones in the UAE include: Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Silicon Oasis  
Each free zone has its separate analysis of labor laws and many have loose ends and grey areas. The authorities in these zones generally have the last decision with respect to contracts and agreements. The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority was formulated in 2004 and is a prime example of business and residential integration.
To conduct business in a free zone it is imperative for a company to acquire a free zone visa from the authorities which may serve as residential or work permit. In Dubai the granting of a visa depends upon the location of the business unit. When the employment or business ends, the person may be entitled to certain perks after the visa has expired.

The idea of a six month residential visa and a multiple visa  is also being taken into consideration. The multiple visa allows one to work in more than one location but the idea has not been concretely established as yet. Freezone companies in the UAE are Philips, Corning and Schneider, Fujitsu and Western Digital. 

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