Monday, November 11, 2013


Keywords: Lana Wachowski net worth
Lana Wachowski, formerly known as Larry Wachowski,  is an American film director and producer having a net-worth of US$125 million. He has earned all this through being a co-creator, with his brother Andi Wachowski of the Matrix film fame, and co-director of the 2012 film Cloud Atlas.
He was born as Laurence Wachowski, on 21st June 1965 in Chicago, Illinois, to Lynne and Ron Wachowski. He went to Kellogg Elementary School, in Chicago, Beverley Hill area, and graduated from Whitney from Whitney Young High School, a public school located in Chicago, Illinois, in the year 1983.

An avid player of the videogame Dungeons and Dragons, he dropped out of Emerson College before graduating and helped brother Andy run a carpentry business in Chicago, Illinois. Notorious for being a cross-dresser or a transitioning gender male, he co-wrote a romantic novel titled CN-9, which was set in the Iraq war.  

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