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From time immemorial, condoms have been used by all males in order to prevent the body fluids from entering the female vagina during an intercourse session. To elaborate, it has been a tool for birth control since the medieval ages. Of all the condoms available in the market today, the ones that enjoy a good popularity among the general public are kamasutra condoms. These condoms have taken their name from the ancient art of sexual intercourse which goes by the same name i.e. Kamasutra.
To elaborate, the holy book of sexual intercourse, which goes by the name of Kama Sutra has been responsible for giving this condom its name. So  Buy Kamasutra condoms are said to be analogous to sexual pleasure just as the holy book by the same name is said to give profound knowledge about the art of sexual intercourse. To be more explicit, Kamasutra condoms are said to be the precursors in condom marketing in the Indian sub-continent. Kamasutra is the other word for “formulas for better sex” and therefore the condom which goes by this name will also have all the qualities necessary for a pleasurable sexual experience.
In terms of manufacturing strength, this brand of condom represents around one quarter of the global condom manufacturing market. This comes to around one billion units worldwide. Moreover, this number is set to rise what with an increasing number of people going in for family planning during the early stages of their married life. Kamasutra condoms are the much needed tool which can be used for family planning and for delayed pregnancy, during the early stages of a marriage. With an increasing awareness of family planning issues, the popularity of this condom is set to increase manifold.
There is a general tendency among the rural Indian population to hesitate to buy a condom over the counter. This is where the Kamasutra condoms online come to the rescue of the people who wish to use it.  As this condom is available in a variety of colours and types, it gives a lot of variety for the connoisseur of effective and quality condoms. There is the Kamasutra Condom, Kamasutra Long Lasting Condoms, Kamasutra Super Thin Condoms, Kamasutra Intensity Condoms, Kamasutra Ribbed Condoms, Kamasutra Platinum Intensity Condoms, Kamasutra Classic Condoms.  Since this brand has so many variations the customer is spoilt for choice.
The superior quality and variety of Buy Kamasutra condoms gives the customer the liberty to try out a different variety each time he wishes to have an out of the world experience. This brand of condom enjoys the distinction that once a customer has tried it, he has not gone back to his old brand. That is to say Buy Kamasutra condoms are the best variety of condoms for the Indian male as it fulfils all his male fantasies. From a total population of one billion, out of which 50% of the adults represent the condom using population.
This denotes the sexually active age group, the ones which involve in regular sexual intercourse, and therefore are apt customers for this brand of condoms.  As far as price is concerned, Kamasutra condoms are available in the price range of Rs50-130 and therefore are affordable for the common public. Their popularity has crossed over from the brick and mortar stores into the virtual stores, and therefore Kamasutra condoms online are now widely available from the common e-commerce portals, which cater to online shopping deals. Their online variety has now surpassed their real store sales. That speaks a lot about their popularity not only in India, but also among Indians staying outside.

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