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In the olden times, men were judged by the number of wives he had. Thus our ancient kings had a lot of queens in order to give birth to many successors. The more the number of wives a king had, the more powerful he would be considered.  This custom and tradition was prevalent for quite some time until recently. Thus a man was judged by the number of sexual intercourses he had with the opposite sex. Today too, among the youth, this practice is still prevalent. College going males show of f their girl friends in college get togethers and parties, thus declaring their worth to the crowd. The more the number of girlfriends they have, they are considered more worthy.  Finding the quality of virginity in a groom before marriage is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
With this increasing popularity of sex before marriage, the popularity of condoms also increased. Kamasutra condoms became popular among the youth, thanks to their nature.  This condom was named after the ancient art of sexology, Kamasutra. The knowledge of knowing how to put on and use a condom correctly is thought to be within the knowledge of every man on this earth. This is very important because not only is a condom useful in preventing sexually transmitted diseases, but it also prevents unwanted pregnancy. Due to these two uses buy Kamasutra condoms are used during sexual intercourse. Today, having sex before marriage is considered commonplace and therefore wanting to prevent unwanted pregnancy is also common.  Having knowledge of how to use a condom will prevent embarrassment for the man in the bedroom and also show him to be very knowledgeable about sex.  Knowing how to use a condom before and after sex will help a man during intercourse.
There are some dos and don’ts in using a condom that are propagated so as to make the customer aware of the correct method of using it. There are some precautions to be taken in using  Buy Kamasutra condoms, namely one should use a new condom each time one is undergoing intercourse; the condom is to be placed on the penis in the erect position, making sure that the nipple of the condom is positioned properly; there should be some space left at the tip of the condom in order to accommodate the ejaculated semen; do not hurry when putting on a condom as any of it will damage the contraption; practice putting it on while you are masturbating so that it will be easy to use it during the actual act; after ejaculation, the penis should be immediately withdrawn as soon as it loses erection failing which the semen fluid is likely to flow out.
An ideal condom should allow the couple having sex to enjoy various sex positions when engaging in the act and not dismantle itself when the couple is involved in the act. It should also make the act of sex a fun activity and a pleasurable experience for both the partners. Least of all, a condom should allow the lovemaking to progress without causing any obstructions in the act. Foreplay is a very important aspect of a sexual act and during this activity too, a condom should stay smug in its position and not come out.  The popularity of Kamasutra condoms has prompted retailers selling condoms to go online and sell Kamasutra condoms online. The online channel has made the act of buying a condom very easy as now the customer no longer has to ask for a condom over the counter in full view of the public.

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