Monday, November 11, 2013


IX Web Hosting services provide individuals and small to medium sized businesses with all the tools necessary for easily establishing their web presence. Having started business in the year 1999, this web hosting service has since then provided cutting edge services to all its customers. Their business model is so attractive that every month 5,000 new clients switch to their services tired of their competitors. It offers services to both users of Linux and Windows platforms and it provides superior customer service to both of them. Not only is its web hosting energy efficient, but its customer service is friendly and informal.
Customer Service
A cross section of customers using the services of IX Web Hosting services admit that they do not have awe inspiring statistics to boast of, but they are adept enough at providing top of the edge customer service to their customers. Any request for changes in the web content of the websites designed by them will be received with a lot of positivity and it will be addressed immediately. But, there have been times when they have been found wanting in their services. Although their product mix is astounding, what puts them back is their customer service which most of the times is top of the edge, but sometimes may falter.
When talking of its pricing, it runs a sequence of money back guarantees beginning with a 30-day initial 100% money back guarantee; it also recognizes the fact that it sometimes takes several months to determine the best service offering for the customer.  What separates them from others is its promise to each of its unsatisfied customers to give them full refund of their current month’s fees and also other one time fees on a pro-rata basis. It promises every customer that once they join, the rates will never go up again. Although this seems impractical to implement, it does appear serious about it.
Control Panel

Its proprietary H-Sphere control panel is very easy to use because the interface is all icon based. This icon based interface allows us to relate pictures to the things that they can do. Thus, when we wish to give commands, we just have to relate the icons to the activity to be done and then click on the relevant icon. Thus, within no time you will be playing with the interface as easily as Mozart plays in the piano. Multiple domain management, Real-time email management, password protected directory manager are just some of its features to die for. An IX Web Hosting service has truly enviable features. 

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