Monday, November 11, 2013


IREO, who is striving to become “The Big Multiplier” of its customers’ quality of life expectations from their homes, by providing better designed living spaces which give better lifestyles to the users, is a regional player in the Gurgaon Real Estate Market. It believes in the philosophy of open living which has been inculcated with years of interaction and research with urban planners, home designers and customers. Its new projects like “The Corridors” launched in Sec-67A, Gurgaon, and promises to give more fun, more ease and more life to customers.
This project is slated to provide a fully self-contained life which will provide its customers a small world in its own right. It promises to present its customers a world that assimilates every aspect of life within a gated community. Providing one of the largest condominiums in Gurgaon and over 10 acres of interlinked contiguous landscaped greens, this project is sure to improve the quality of life for its users. And all this is included in a sprawling 37.5 acres of secured gated community which is designed to be a microcosm of the outside world. The Corridor seeks to integrate the finest living spaces with leisure amenities and essential facilities in the same gated community.
Nestled in the lush green Gurgaon forests, IREO Gurgaon Hills is like a heaven on earth, as seen from heaven. Gurgaon Hills is barely a kilometer from Delhi city and just 5 kilometers from Gurgaon’s well known Golf Course Road. These premium residences are flanked by the Aravalli forests on one side and the magnificent Delhi Ridge on the other. All this seeks to create a haven that stands in harmony with the chirping birds and the evergreen trees. As if this is not enough, its spacious, low density apartment layouts further go on to accentuate its idyllic old world charm.
In providing these two projects, IREO seeks to become the most respected developer of real estate and infrastructure, not only of Gurgaon, but the whole of India. They seek to do this by continuously delivering superior value to customers, employees and business partners in all their endeavors.  Here, it will be pertinent to mention that IREO is also the first and the largest Private Equity Fund dedicated to the Indian Real Estate Sector with a fund size of US$ 2 BN and the backing of global blue chip investors and financial institutions.

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