Monday, November 11, 2013


Ipage’s tagline says “Everything web, made easy”, to which we could add “Everything web, made easy and cheap”. This more or less sums up the main feature of web hosting services. A noteworthy thing is that this is religiously followed at the web hosting service organization. This is the web hosting service that has been in the business for some years now and it knows what it is doing, when it provides services adhering to the above tagline. The plethora of services at come together to provide you with an enviable solution that is needed for a professional but manageable web presence.
Features of the Plans
Its diverse collection of services which comprise web development tools that help you not only design and maintain your website, but also market and grow it. There are tools that will help you develop and launch a secure and scalable e-commerce website. It also supports multi-media features like sending and receiving MMS messages, etc. A number of features are supported whether it is blogging, posting photo galleries, videos and podcasts, etc. Their unique selling proposition is their commitment to security of their customers’ websites and this is what separates them from their contemporaries.
Currently priced at just US$3.50 a month, this web hosting service is actually proving that sometimes one can actually enjoy more than what one pays for. Its round the clock customer services, advanced marketing tools, exclusive security suite, and all other tools that are needed to get your website up and running are exclusive in their own way. Not many web hosting vendors can offer services which are so diverse in nature. Thanks to its knowledgeable web experts, it has managed to compile an eye-popping list of services and value-added extras and has re-packaged them neatly into a new offering which they present as their web hosting package.
Control Panel

Thanks to its system of pooled servers, there is always space for your website to be hosted, As if that is not enough, the first and the fastest machine will serve your website. Their pool of servers makes it possible for them to provide redundancy servers and also streamline their services. Apart from offering tools to create, enhance and manage their websites effectively, this web hosting service has also endeavoured to work closely with Google to provide the Google tools for websites right into the control panel. Truly, provides cutting edge web hosting services which are to die for. 

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