Monday, November 11, 2013


Worldwide a number of marketing companies have opened shop to cater to those people who would like to start their own business online. But, the one company that has really created a revolution in this space is IMGLOBAL marketing company. It’s founder, Joel Putland, founded it way back in 2010, and since then it has been patronized by many others who share an identical vision with the founder, that of helping our community members to succeed beyond their wildest expectations, and at the same time create a global community of people who help each other to become prosperous. Although, a number of other companies have started online marketing initiatives like IMGLOBAL, but what separates it from its contemporaries is that it is not about a handful of people who come together to become owners of an online marketing company.  In fact, IMGLOBAL is a company that is driven by co-owners, unlike others, where the founders retain ownership with themselves; IMGLOBAL tries to find people who would like to become directors of their own businesses. It is looking for shareholders, who would like to enjoy a stake in their own businesses. A member can join the team at no investment. Although, this may sound farfetched and crazy, the founders would like to have other business partners who would like to co-own their own business.
Business Model
This is because its founders know the fact that being a co-owner will allow members to transform their lives. Moreover, putting systems, marketing and strategies in place will not only enhance leads, sales and profits, but also give members their lives back and make them financially free.  Using its business model of making members, co-owners of the company, it proposes to provide them with many benefits like allowing them to retire in 15 months time, wherein they can achieve financial freedom by working in their free time without any investment. They can extend this offer to their family members and loved ones too and can travel with them to new destinations without having to care for financial troubles, allow them to enjoy more time for volunteering activities, or spending more time with their grand-children.  Using its scheme Restart Your Life, it shows members how to learn marketing for success and at the same time it lays down 5 core principles for a successful life. It lists five core principles for success and they are:
Ø  Listen to the truth
Ø  Learn new things and be ready to accept changes in life
Ø  Learn to put your actions where your dreams are
Ø  The four learning steps namely Unconscious incompetence, conscious competence, conscious competence, and unconscious competence are to be kept in mind when trying to learn something
Ø  Mastering the first four principle concepts.

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