Monday, November 11, 2013


It was a Sunday and my eight year old son was sitting at his desktop, surfing the net. When I asked him what he was looking for, he told me “Face book”. I was surprised because all through his childhood, both I and my wife had consciously made an attempt to keep our kid away from the addiction of social networking sites. Instead, we encouraged him to go out and play in the open. But, that day was different. He was looking for Face book for some reason. He had just got an A grade in his class test and he wanted to let everyone know about it.
In other words, he wanted to talk about his achievement. He wanted others to know that he was a brilliant boy and that he was very intelligent. This is when a thought came to my mind. I could use the same platform to market my small time business. I was an engineer by day and a freelance content writer by night. I had started a small company called as Hary Consultants and Engineers and I was trying to find a platform to market the same. I wanted to talk about my company’s achievements.
All I had to do was to create a page dedicated to my company and then ask my friends to like the same. Also, I had to post regular updates about what my company was involved in at a particular time so that all those friends who were following my company page would know what I was up to at a given time. It would also help me brag about my business. I would be visible online to my customers, who were also online all the time, because they were in IT.  Thus, I have no shame in admitting that I learnt how to use Face book for business from my eight year old son.


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