Monday, November 11, 2013

How To Select And Install A Pond Liner

Gone are the days when people were dependant on the nature to enjoy a peaceful water side ambience.  Today with the advancement of technology you can easily create an artificial pond or stream in your own back yard. To create an artificial water body the basic requisite is a pond liner. Pond liners are impermeable geo membrane which is used for retaining water, lining of lakes, artificial steams in parks and garden ponds. The primary use of the pond liner is to prevent loss of water from the storage dams and ponds. These liners are also used to store waste and harmful chemicals. You can find a pond liner for every size of pond, from the vast spread to the modest ones. These liners are usually made of different type of liner material like polyethylene, PVC, fiberglass, polypropylene etc. Availability of so many options is bound to confound the buyer thus it is imperative to reach the right manufacturing company which might help you in selection besides procuring the right pond liner. The best would be to select the reinforced liner products which are usually more tear resistant, stronger, lighter and cost effective than the unreinforced ones. Don’t confuse more thickness with better quality, though it can certainly mean higher price.  Your main criteria in selecting the right liner should be long lasting capacity, practical design and low maintenance cost. Just remember there can be no alternative for quality, and a fine selection done for once can last up to 20 years.
When it comes to installation you have to be very careful from delivery till the last step. The material is usually delivered as a roll or on a pallet with protective geo textile around the geo membranes, which protects the liner material during transport. You must thoroughly check the material when it gets unloaded. Ensure that the liner is stored in a safe and dry area, especially protected from the exposure with the sun rays.  It should be kept well covered from the top as well as the sides.
The trenches around the pond should be made about 18” to 24” deep. Place the liner material at one end of the pond and then place it length wise and cross wise across the pond area. During installation let the liner material lose and ensure to secure the pond area with sand bags which helps in keeping the liner down. Most importantly, you must never choose a windy day to install the liner and be very precautious while back filling the trenches as a little negligence can spoil the material.
It is indeed lovely to have a pond in your yard and spending your evening with a sip of your favorite drink, sitting at its side.  There are various companies who are into manufacturing and installing the pond liners. These companies can also aid you in other issues like vapor barrier. So simple search for a liner manufacturer company on line and create the magic of nature in your yard.

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