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Named as the 21st fastest growing company in the USA in the year 2008, this web hosting service, which began business in the year 2002, in the dorm room of CEO Brend Oxley, has today grown to become a leader in the market of shared and reseller hosting. With its increasing employee count, it is continuously adding to its product bouquet, customer service and support. Its more than 200 capable employees, who work round the clock, enable it to host more than 2,500,000 domains and provide cutting edge services which include a 45 day money back guarantee. It also provides access to a leading website designer called Site Studio.
Pricing and Hosting Plans
Although there may be a lot of discount coupons floating around on the web offering freebies with this web hosting service most of them will be providing either 25% discount, 20% discount and US$0.01 for the first month offers. It offers two kinds of plans a hatching plan and a baby plan. After discount its plans are offered from US$4.46 to US$7.46, the latter being 12 month babies plan. When you login to their website then you will begin a verification process, which has been put in place to safeguard your credit card details from being stolen online.
Types of Plans
Hostgater offers instant account activation once you pay the sign-up amount using your credit card, thus ensuring you of prompt services. Then you can do any of the things like uploading your files, creating new email accounts or installing a new WordPress blog.  Talking of its two types of plans, the Hatching plan allows you to host only a single website while the Baby plan allows you to host unlimited websites. Due to this very reason, the prices for the Baby plan are more than the Hatching plan. The Baby plan is the more popular plan among the two.
Features of the Plan

Hostgater has located its servers on the Planet, located in Dallas, Texas where they house their data centres. It has fortified them with enough security systems to prevent any untoward incident happening and preventing data theft. It has put in place top of the line infrastructure to support its numerous accounts. Hostgaters investment in wind power energy solutions close to home will help provide its customers peace of mind regarding security, reliability and energy efficiency of their servers. Their customer service is based on offering quick responses and a personal touch. They offer 24x7x365 customer support which includes phone support, online chat, fax, peer support forums, with a wide variety of cPanel flash video tutorials.

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