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The online entertainment world has been embracing game development like no other fad. With the increasing penetration of Smart phones, the demand for games for these phones has increased manifold. With the increasing acceptance of Android phones in the market, the need for Android game development has gained momentum. The mobile gaming industry is growing by leaps and bounds with new technologies being introduced every day. Mobile games are being upgraded to offer a superior gaming experience. But, when we compare the growth of mobile games to that of PC games, we can see the difference. The former still has a lot to achieve before it can match up to the PC gaming industry.
Although, the mobile gaming industry has currently not reached the level of the PC gaming industry, the future of the online gaming industry is full of mobile games and more mobile games. Therefore a lot of game development company india have been started in order to do game development for mobile phones. When we talk of the future of the mobile gaming industry, there are certain noteworthy trends that are found which are mentioned below:
Massive Multiplayer MGD
Advertising/Promoting via MG
Promoting Cinemas/Movies via MG
Advertising New Products via MG
3D Real World Scenario MG
As discussed about the Android phones earlier, game development for the Apple phones like Iphone game development and Ipad game development have started ruling the roost in terms of sheer classiness and operability. One of the earliest games that was developed was “Snake”, launched in the year 1997, after which came sleeker platforms and consistent enhancements were introduced. These developments indicate that the processing abilities of today’s average mobile phone are much better than those of the most expensive phone launched a decade back. Nowadays, mobile gaming has become so commonplace that even kids are able to play these games. Even amateur tech lovers can tweak their applications easily by referring to relevant gaming sites.
Due to the popularity of the mobile games, we have cutting edge technological games like Jeugo studio and others creating a tremendous demand in the market with their superior features. These games are developed using the Software Development Kit which is available with every mobile application platform. This kit has all the ingredients necessary to make a fantastic interactive app or a game. Starting with the Android software development kit, one can do Android game development and further scale it up for Apple phones to give Iphone game development and Ipad game development. This is how cutting edge games can be developed.
Thus, we can conclude that the future of the mobile gaming industry is in the throes of a revolution with trends like Massive Multiplayer MGD, Advertising/Promoting via MG, Promoting Cinemas/Movies via MG, Advertising New Products via MG and 3D Real World Scenario MG.  This speed of this growth depends on the pace at which new technologies will be accepted by the market.

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