Monday, November 11, 2013


Sleep is a very important activity that is required for the human body and any lack of sleep will affect the health of the body adversely. A lot has been written about the benefits of normal sleep and the ill-effects of oversleeping. In order to gauge your sleep patterns, there is the FitBit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker which enables us to track our sleep patterns and also our activity patterns.
FitBit is a revolutionary way of monitoring your lifestyle with fitness and health in mind. A typical FitBit works similar to the old style pedometer. And it also does a whole lot of things more than a normal pedometer. Visually small, the FitBit does a lot of activities including tracking daily steps, stairs climbed, distance moved, calories burned and activity levels using its 3-D motion sensor provided with altimeter technology.
In terms of size, the FitBit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep tracker is a small device that can be fit into a pocket or be strapped to belt or a bra. It also has the additional facility of wirelessly uploading data on the website, which helps us monitor our health. It does this at no extra monthly charge. In order to measure any parameter, whether it is sleep or activity levels, one just need to wear it on the wrist either at night or during the activity, depending upon whether you are measuring sleep or activity levels.
It performs both the functions equally adeptly. It can be clipped to the clothing or be carried in a trouser pocket and can measure distance travelled, amount of calories burned by the user and with its wireless transmitter it sends data online to website. Its online functionality allows our daily foods to be entered online which will then provide information on the number of calories consumed per day depending upon your activity levels and help you compare it with the required calorie intake. It also acts as a sleep monitoring tool that can be worn on the wristband before going to sleep. This will give us data on the quality of sleep, time of sleep and movements performed during the sleep, any waking periods, etc.

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