Monday, November 11, 2013


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Sex, previously considered a dirty word by the Indian people has come out of the closet and now people are more open when discussing about the subject. Flaunting one’s sexuality has become the in thing today, what with a number of Page 3 celebs doing it at will.  The tabloids today are full of such instances and so also are the television commercials where we can see a blatant exhibition of one’s sexuality. Gone are the days when it was considered taboo for a female to come out into the open and discuss her boyfriends in the media.
Today, we have girls moving around with boys at will and in some instances even dating with more than one person at a time. Relationships have undergone a change, to such an extent that the inherent values of an individual have had to change. With the changing values, sexual relationships have also undergone a sea change. Rising costs have forced the couples of today to undertake family planning and in some cases, even resorting to a delayed pregnancy due to their families being financially unstable. The utility of condoms have increased in such a scenario. Durex condoms are one type of condoms which cater to the needs of the Indian male.
A condom is worn by a male member in order to prevent the seminal fluid from entering the female vagina. Durex condoms are prone to give men firmer erection and it is also known to increases the penis size.  These condoms are available in a variety of sizes and types ranging from those that delay climax to those that are endowed with an additional reservoir tip for safety. One buy condoms in order to enjoy a healthy sex life.  Also condoms ensure that the male gets intense pleasure and excitement during the act of intercourse. Buy durex condoms contains a gel in the tip that dilates the arteries and increases the blood flow to the penis.
As far as the types of Durex condoms are concerned, they are available in the following varieties: Durex Performax Intense condoms, Durex Love condoms, Durex tropical Flavoured condoms, Durex High Sensation condoms, Durex Extra Safe condoms, Durex Pleasuremax condoms, and many more. Also available are Durex Jeans condoms are also available which are as comfortable to wear as Denim Jeans. Since Durex condoms are available in a large variety, they are the world’s numero uno condom brand.  Having produced condoms for the past 80 years now, and over the years they have perfected their art of making condoms.
Apart from avoiding unwanted pregnancies, it also helps prevent sexually transmitted diseases. These diseases are more prevalent in the third world countries as there is a lack of knowledge about the usage of these condoms in these countries and also because of unhealthy sexual practices being followed here. Not only are Durex condoms used to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and avoid unwanted pregnancies, but they have another use also, that being to give pleasure and ecstasy to the partners who are involved in 

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