Monday, November 11, 2013


Keywords: android finance apps, android game development, medical apps for android
Gaming applications have been one of the most prominent apps that are developed for the Android phone. Android apps for gaming have lured a number of people to buy android phones. With the increasing success that the industry of mobile game development enjoys today thanks to the streamlining of its processes of conceptualizing, developing and releasing video games, mobile gaming today has become the top revenue earner among mobile applications. Another aspect that has fuelled the popularity of the android app market is the fact that the upfront fee required for submitting an application is negligible and therefore the cost to bring out an application becomes negligible too.
Apart from this, the fact that mobile gaming applications for android phones are developed on Java platform, which is the favorite programming language for all mobile application developers, has also helped popularize the mobile gaming industry. Another important fact is that of two android mobile phones being different when we talk of features and hardware specifications. This is because the manufacture of android mobile phones is not restricted to one company alone as is the case with the iPad which rests with Apple only. The use of Java in android phones reduces the time for gaming project development.
When we talk of medical apps for android, we cannot ignore the iPhone from Apple. Although, the latter is offering more flexibility as mobile application developers have to deal with only one platform, it is better than the android phone in medical application development. Android phones are made by a number of different manufacturers and therefore no two mobile phones will behave in a similar manner. Therefore, they will require different apps too. Thus making medical apps for android phones is more difficult that for the Apple phones. Apple phones by the virtue of their being manufactured by one manufacturer rule the roost in medical application development.
Apart from gaming, another field where developing apps for android phones has gained momentum is the finance field. Although, android phones are bought primarily for entertainment and leisure, they are now increasing proving useful in the financial world too. Therefore, a lot of android finance apps are being developed in the market. Finance apps like tax computations, listening to the latest news from the financial world, making monetary computations, you name it and there will be an android finance app for that purpose. Therefore, this is another field where android phones have stolen a march over its competitors. Off course this has to do with cutting edge applications that are developed for them.

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