Monday, November 11, 2013


Finding a fresher to work for a company is a difficult proposition these days as not many tools are there for him to make his job search easy. This problem was felt by many recruiting consultants until Face book Graph Search came along. Although, one should use one’s own diligence, common sense and required control when using this tool, it is sure to be one of the important tools for candidate search in the days to come what with its superior features.
More about Graph Search
A lot of people would consider Face book as an individual’s personal space which should not be invaded for sourcing or poaching them. Until recently, it was very difficult to perform people searches on Face book on account of its structure which is unlike Linkedin. Although, it may be called the private space of a candidate, by virtue of it being a social media channel, it becomes prone to be used for various reasons including recruiting. Now with Face book Graph Search, this has become a reality. All recruitment consultants can conduct a search for their candidates using this tool over Face book.
This tool provides all recruitment consultants with the ability to search a person with specific queries which is bound to make all sourcers excited. While introducing this tool, Mark Zuckerberg he said that “One of my favorite queries is recruitment” This indicates that Face book is very well aware of the future potential of this product for the purpose of recruitment. To put it plainly, Face book Graph Search is a mere search engine for Face book. Until today, it was not possible to find out information from Face book which has over 800 million people registered with over 50% logging in everyday.
Although, a large part of Face book cannot be indexed with Google also, this tool makes it that much more easy to search for people and friends with common interests, photos, likes/dislikes, etc. Although, people might think that Face book is not a totally professional network with the nature of information that is available on it like there will not be information about company designation, skill sets, etc. on it. However, in recent times a lot of people are updating their Face book profiles regularly which include their company in which they work, their skill sets, their designations, their job profiles, etc.
Although, not many people will have their professional profiles on Face book including their resumes, but we should not compare platforms like Linkedin to those like Face book. It is like comparing apples to oranges. Face book can never be Linkedin and can never be used like the latter is being done. Also, it may never become the game changer that Linkedin has become. It may never compete fiercely with Linkedin. This tool should just be considered as one more tools in one’s sourcing arsenal which will find its rightful place in the sourcing jigsaw.
While searching candidates, we need to think about what information can be had from people’s profiles on Face book and how can this information be used for finding leads. And one fact that has still not been stated is that one can search the entire Face book network with this tool for free unlike Linkedin. Does this sound interesting to you now? Graph Search is in its beta version as of now and has been rolled out to 100% of its users, excluding users in India, This tool has been rolled out to the US and most parts of Europe.

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