Monday, November 11, 2013


The Nintendo Game boy Silicone Case for iPhone 4 4G, The Nintendo Game boy Silicone case cover for iPhone 4 RED and The Deluxe Black Case cover with chrome for iPhone 4 4G 4S AT & T Verizon Sprint are three cool gaming cases for the iPhone 4 device. All of these cases keep the iPhone secure and protected in their own inimitable styles. All these cases are snap on ones which are designed to offer an all round external surface protection without having to compromise its utility.

A singularly remarkable feature of these cases is that they offer easy access to all the functions of the device without even having to remove the case for using them. Being shock absorbent and shatterproof, these cases give the added protection to your expensive iPhone that it deserves.Frequently bought with The iPhone 4/4S Anti-glare, Anti-scratch, Anti-Fingerprint, Matte Finishing Screen protector that pairs with it like a fish with water. Weighing about 1.9 ounces and a shipping weight of 4.2 ounces, this device is easy to be shipped. 

The case has been recently redesigned following some negative reviews from customers and after that it fulfills all the customer requirements. It has been redesigned to not cover the noise cancelling mic, and the vibrate button. So, in case if the previous customers reviews make you hesitate to buy this product, you need not worry as all the imperfections present in the previous versions have been ironed out and its design has also undergone improvement.

This short and flexible case although looks ineffective, will really prove to be an asset for any Apple iPhone as it would protect it from shock when in a short fall. It is relatively easy to put on and not that easy to remove unless someone makes a deliberate attempt to yank it off from the phone. It reminds us about our childhood when we used to buy some unnecessary goods online without as much as caring for its cost. These cases will go a long way in protecting your phone and preventing it from having nasty falls and falling on its head.

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