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1.     Wellscience Vita-mineral
There is no compromise to quality where health is concerned. Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in maintaining your body healthy in each step of your life. There is no doubt that Vita-mineral is the best in ensuring the overall well being of your body. Containing more than 30 essential vitamins and minerals, it governs many manor functions which are connected to vital biochemical processes. It is an authentically powerful product and can serve as the single most important addition to your diet.
Proteins, carbohydrates and fat along with vitamins and minerals provide optimal nutrition and thus long term health. 30 essential vitamins and minerals contained in Vita-mineral are necessary to maintain your life healthy. The product is a comprehensive array of nature’s most nutritive super foods that are essential for biochemical processes like metabolism, reproduction, immune mechanism and intelligence.
·         It helps to fortify the immune system; regulate and build the cells and maintain proper nerve function.
·         Contains no synthetic or isolated nutrients.
·         It provides maximum life force.
·         Offer much higher standard and requirement than any other product.
Serving size: 1 to 2 capsules                       
Contents in each capsule
Magnesium (As oxide) – 100mg
Vitamin C – 60mg
Dicalcium phosphate – 50mg
Potassium (As chloride) – 40mg
Chloride – 36.3mg
Niacin amide – 20mg
Zinc as sulphate – 15mg
Iron as fumarate – 12mg
Calcium pantothenate – 10mg
Copper as Sulphate – 2mg
Manganese (As Sulphate) – 2mg
Silicon (As Dioxide) – 2mg
Vitamin B6 – 2mg
Folic acid – 400mcg
Boron (As sodium borate) – 150mcg
Iodine (As potassium iodide) – 150mcg
Chromium (As picolinate) – 120mcg
Molybdenum – 50mcg
Biotin – 30mcg
Selenium – 10mcg
Vitamin K – 25mcg
Tin – 10mcg
Vanadium – 10mcg
Vitamin B12 – 6mcg
Nickel – 5mcg
Vitamin A palmitate – 5000iu
Warning: Long term use of vitamins are not recommended, if not prescribed by a physician

2.     Wellscience Beauty
Are you the one who loves to flaunt soft silky hair as well as beautiful nails? Don’t you have passion for that baby soft skin? If yes, don’t wait for the distress signs to come. “Beauty” of the renowned Wellscience brand is a unique formulation which helps to maintain clear skin and promotes nail and hair health. It provides right solution for the challenging problems of your skin, nail and hair. Innovative ingredients and textures in Beauty will certainly assure you to look your best from the inside out.
Hair, skin and nails are outward signs of the inner health of your body; they tell a lot about the inward health of your body. The various ingredients used in Beauty works on your skin nail and hair. It helps to maintain clear skin by detoxifying and protecting the liver from toxins; and promotes nail and hair health by improving the health of skeletal tissues.
Benefits of WellScience Beauty
·         It promotes skin moisturization.
·         Prevents nail brittleness and helps the growth of healthy hair.
·         You can also use this for preventing liver damage and detoxification.
Serving Size: 1 Capsule Twice Daily
Ingredients- amount per capsule
Cissus quadrangularis (Ketosteroids 5%) – 200mg
Tinospora cordifolia (1.5% Bitters) – 150mg
Amla Extract (Tannins NLT 30% w/w) – 50mg
Eclipta alba (1% Wadelactones) – 50mg
Phyllanthus amarus (5% Phyllanthin) – 50mg
Pterocarpus santalinus (Radio extract) 50mg

Warning: Not to be used for therapeutic purpose for any ailments without consulting a physician

3.      Wellscience Women health
Women Health meets all the special nutritional needs required in a women’s life from menopause to pregnancy. It serves as a perfect solution to the medical problems that affect only women. Moreover, it maintains a healthy hormonal balance. Women Health increases the body’s ability to absorb calcium that provides bone health and delivers essential iron, folic acid and other trace minerals essential for the health of women.
Both men and women have some same health problems; but the same can affect women differently and badly. Some conditions like menstruation, menopause and pregnancy are unique to women; besides women are prone to anemia and osteoporosis. Here comes the need for some special health care for women.  Omen Health is the best suitable product available that meets all these special needs of a woman throughout her life.
·         Helps in calcium absorption and promotes bone health.
·         Provide iron supplementation.
·         Provide all essential nutrients for women.
Serving Size: One tablet twice daily
Ingredients- in each tablet
Calcium citrate malate – 500mg
Cissus Quadrangularis (Ketosteroids 5% 10%) – 200mg
Carbonyl iron – 100mg
Hemidesmus indicus (Sarsaparilla extract, 4.1) – 100mg
Asparagus racemosus (Saponin NLT 30% w/w) – 50mg
Zinc monomethionine (Elemental zinc) – 42mg
Copper - 1mg
Folic Acid – 100mcg
Warning: Not to be used for therapeutic purpose for any ailments without consulting a physician

4     Wellscience Cardio cholesterol
Cardio Cholesterol, with its clinically tested, naturally sourced ingredients, help to lower the cholesterol level and maintain a balanced cholesterol profile supporting a healthy heart. A highly effective product, it is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants and is a unique composition. Innovative ingredients and textures meet creative formulas in Well Science Cardio cholestrol. to strengthen your heart muscles, regularize blood circulation and thereby protect your heart.
In today’s world it is not very easy to maintain only a balanced diet; but supporting and maintaining an appropriate cholesterol profile can reduce the risk of cardio vascular diseases. Wellscience has designed Cardio cholesterol to support you in building up a heart healthy life style. The highly powerful and effective ingredients like dasamoola make your heart strong and healthy.
·         Helps to maintain cholesterol within the normal range.
·         Can be taken alone or with most other medications.
·         Free from artificial colors and flavors.
·         A highly herbal composition from the blessings of nature.
·         Helps to reduce chest pain
·         Helps to lower blood pressure and regularizes blood circulation in heart.

Serving Size:
1 tablet twice daily
Dasamoola: 100mg
Inula racemosa (2% Allantolactone): 100mg
Terminalia arjuna (1% Arjunolic acid): 100mg
Desmodium gangeticum (6% lactones): 50mg
Commiphora mukul( 2.5% Guggulsterones): 6.25mg
One of the chief ingredients, Inularacemosa root, is described in Ayurveda as a remedy for cough, dyspnea, chest pain and protect heart. Arjunolic acid regularizes blood circulation and Guggul increases the liver’s metabolism of LDL cholesterol.

5    Wellscience Gastrocare
Gastro care is a safe, unique and balanced natural body support formula to promote healthy gastrointestinal tract. It enhances overall digestive health and helps the body to deliver effectively the major metabolic processes, especially assimilation and absorption of food. This unadulterated precise composition has a high shelf life and no side effects. It will help you to regulate occasional abdominal gas. It also manages indigestion.
Untimely and unregulated eating can harm your stomach by causing the enzymatic secretions and acids and damage the protective mucosal lining of the stomach. Gastro care maintains the perfect digestive health and helps in balancing digestion, absorption, and assimilation. The key ingredients like ginger, pepper, pippali and Liquorice are proven natural herbs for stomach based diseases and disorders.
·         Increases the production of digestive fluids & helps digestion.
·         Relieves gas pain.
·         Increases the secretion of digestive acid.
·         Helps in converting food into various essential nutrients for the body.
·         Protects gastrointestinal tract.
1 tablet twice daily
Ginger (Radio extract): 125mg
Aegle marmelos( Indian Bael): 100mg
Glcirrihiza glabra( 3% Glycirrihizin): 100mg
Pippali (20% Pipperine): 25mg
Peppermint essential oils: 5mg
Piper nigrum (20% piperine): 5mg

6    Wellscience Livhealth
A unique health and wellness product, Livhealth aims at improving detoxification, protection and rejuvenation of liver. It keeps you healthy enough to enjoy the wellness of your life to the fullest. By safeguarding liver from harmful toxins, it protects your liver and thus health from the problems caused by your life style, increasing stress, pollution and toxic chemicals which may destroy the entire health balance of your body.
A healthy living is the most discussed and difficult dilemma faced by the modern world. Even the best fruits and vegetables suffer nutrition loss. As the liver is responsible for detoxification, it will be under stress as toxins get accumulated much faster. This affects the organ’s ability to neutralize them. The most effective and powerful ingredients of livhealth serve as liver protectors and help in liver rejuvenation. It safeguards liver cells from harmful toxins.
Bacopa monnieri (Bacosides 20%): 200mg
Celastrus paniculatus (Radio extract): 100mg
Centella asiatica (Asiaticosides NLT 20%): 100mg
Clitorea ternatea (Radio extract): 100mg
Acorus calamus (Radio extract): 50mg
·         Helps in detoxification and liver rejuvenation.
·         Combination of well researched and liver-protective herbs.
Serving size: 1 Capsule daily; do not exceed recommended daily intake unless advised by a suitably qualified person.
Warning: Keep out of sight and reach of children.
7    Wellscience Orthoaid
Wellscience Ortho Aid is a right solution to joint pains caused by inflammation due to oxidative damage. It not only reduces oxidative damage, but helps reduce pain and swelling. The unique science based formulation also helps in the formation and repair of soft tissue and provide the best relief that no one else can provide. This safe and natural combination helps in reducing pain and swelling.
Pain in the joints is a major problem faced by many. Ortho Aid is addressed to the cause and consequences of the problem and provides better repair to the damaged tissues. It helps reduce the primary source of inflammation and provide a fast and potent relief from the severe pain, and thus helps in gaining a healthy and strong body.
·         Fast relief from joint pain and swelling.
·         Improves muscle stiffness.
Serving Size:
2 tablets twice daily
In each tablet
Glucosamine sulphate: 375mg
Boswellia serrata (Boswellic acid NLT 50-80% w/w): 100mg
Tinospora cordifolia (1.5% Bitters): 50mg
Vitex negundo (Radio Extract): 50mg
Alpinia galangal (Radio Extract): 50mg

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